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Another 800 feet of Frontier cable stolen in rural WV

March 23, 2012


Location: Bradshaw, WV 24817 US
Material: Copper

Details: 800 feet of aerial telephone cable. Cable is described as 400 pair/22 gauge copper. Cable will contain 800 individual wires.

BulldogPI comments:

800 feet of 400 pair cable??   That type of cable weighs approximately 1.6 lbs per foot prior to uhhh….’processing’ it for it’s copper content.  We’re talking over 1400 lbs of cable just walking off here, and over 1000 lbs of copper showing up at a WV scapyard ‘un-noticed.’   What’s the replacement cost of that plus labor….  over 20k?

“Frontier Communications Continues to Aggressively Combat Theft of Copper Wire”

Give me a break…. I don’t know how aggressively Frontier is ‘combating’ the theft, but whatever their tactics are sure don’t seem particularly effective.  


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