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The Caldwell Fields tragedy: It’s time for justice

March 27, 2012

On Thursday,  the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department will make an official statement regarding the Caldwell Fields murders.  At that time they intend to release several pieces of information publicly:

Type of Murder Weapon
Stolen Items
Physical Evidence
Vehicles of Interest

Apparently Sheriff Whitt will also be making a statement to the murderer. 

I respect the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department and their efforts on this case.  That said, I believe that the investigation has stalled because they simply don’t have enough to move any further forward.   Making an official statement of this nature likely accomplishes two primary goals:

   1.  It keeps the investigation in the public eye, and perhaps encourages additional tips

   2. It reassures the community that the task force hasn’t given up and is still working the case.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning.  Typically that happens when the BulldogPI has alot on his mind; this morning is not an exception.  When I do wake up this early, I also tend to become a bit philosophical.

At some point in our lives, we all face a  crossroad of some type or another.  Do we veer to the left, or turn to the right?   Five years  ago I reached such an intersection and made my choice.  I became a private investigator.  A  faltering economy,  lack of code enforcement, and narrowing mindsets have all taken their toll on my profession.  What once appeared a promising career path began to resemble  a dead end job.     

After a lot of pondering on what to do next, an idea began to form.  Rather then give up, Ive decided to  whip out my machete, and start hacking through the undergrowth.   The essence of BulldogPI: A frontiersman, an explorer,  in  today’s manicured world.

 Time to get back on topic:  Caldwell Fields

The type of Murder Weapon: 

The Bulldog knows what weapon was used that terrible evening.  I have  known for quite some time.   On Thursday alot of people will be surprised to learn it wasn’t a pistol, but a rifle which took the lives of David Metzler and Heidi Childs.

Stolen Items:

It’s not surprising that the killer took some personal items as momentos.  I believe one of those items was Heidi’s purse.  There may of been a few others.  Obviously I’ll be paying attention to what the task force has to say on Thursday.

Physical Evidence

Authorities found David Metzler’s body  inside his 1992 Toyota Camry, parked at the scene.  Heidi has apparently made it out of the vehicle, attempted to run, but only made it a short distance away.    Following the vehicles seizure, a search warrant was filed with the Montgomery County Circuit Court.  According to the warrant, investigators sought  “firearms, weapons, shell or bullet casings, fingerprints, DNA and the identification of the people involved.”  Hairs and a sweatshirt were discovered and taken from the scene.

Vehicles of Interest

A review of old news stories reveals a list of vehicles of interest to the task force.  I believe strongly one of them (and specifically which one) does in fact belong to the murderer. 


This is an area that LE will not expand on.  However, investigators have previously stated two strong suspicions:

1. The person or group responsible for the murders is familiar with the area.

2.   Additionally that they had a reason to be at Caldwell Fields on that day.

The BulldogPI agrees with both.

Sheriff Whitt also plans to make a statement to the murderer. 

Sorry to ‘butt in line…’  but me first.

Alright Dirtball, that’s long enough.  Here I come.  You were warned not to let me stumble upon your identity.  True to form, dirtballs rarely heed good advice.  That’s part of who they are.  Bulldog’s don’t typically let things go.  That’s part of who we are.   We all have our unique roles to play in life.

For just a moment, I hear the inner voice of doubt:

“BulldogPI what the heck are you rambling about?  You don’t have access to SO MANY resources and bits of information at LE’s disposal. What chance do you have?” 

I pause with a stern expression on my face.  Slowly…it transforms… becoming a smile.   A different voice calls out to me this time.  Inspiring thoughts return  from the past.

“…I also hope I would of had courage enough to intervene, even at the risk of my own life.

“Why?  A total stranger?  Do you  have some sort of hero complex?”

No.  It’s not that, but far more selfish reasons.  How could I look at myself in the mirror the following morning if I just walked away?  Worse yet, the week after?  It’s because I know something about losing a child.  It’s because I would give everything to not know.  For there to have been a different outcome.   If only someone could of stepped in.   Anyone.”

The BulldogPI lies deep within me.  He’s buried underneath plenty of faults, but like Prego, ‘he’s in there.’  The Bulldog won’t let me give up.    Like all men, someday I will leave this world and answer to God…  and to my deceased son.   The Caldwell Fields mystery has gone on long enough.  It’s time for closure.  It’s time for determination, guts, and a few things in the basement….

I also have something that the task force doesn’t have.  A new weapon  has appeared in my arsenal, a new trick up my sleeve…..




Addendum 03/29/12

In response to the multiple emails I’ve recieved regarding this blog post… yes, I do have a strong suspect.  The challenge is proving it….

  1. James, not only are you passionate about your work, you are a talented writer. Best wishes on this one and keep us posted on the situation.

    • There’s a lot to this one Dennis, and it has caused more then one restless night. I’m on the trail of a killer… this one is personal.

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