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Drones: Bulldog Investigations prepares to take flight

April 12, 2012

Like it or not, here they come: 

 Unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles (also known as drones, or UAVs) will soon be hovering in the skys above.  In fact, they already are. A number of companies are already offering aerial photography services…. in clear defiance of FAA’s restrictions.    The Feds sit back and do nothing while the lid beings blowing off the pressure cooker.   Truth be told, I think they’re afraid someone might actual challenge their jurisdiction over anything and everything airborne over the United States.  Just how do the r/c helicopters being used in California  to advertise real estate in a new way, flying between 25 and 50 feet off the ground, pose a threat to air traffic?

One company even recently used r/c aircraft to promote a movie.

 You mean to tell me this wasn’t a commercial use?

Flying people video

From what I understand,these r/c pilots were even given permission by NYC authorities to fly around the statute of liberty. 


The drone approach won’t work for everything… but it will prove tremendously helpful for those situations where an investigator needs to take a quick look. 

What vehicles are present at that house I cannot see back there in the woods? 

Hmm, I thought John Doe was out on disability due to his injuries. That sure looks like him up on the roof…..

This is the direction I plan to take my company and the area I plan to specialize in.

Beta Testing Videos

 BulldogPI is a proud member of AUVSI (the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International)

  1. Neal permalink

    Surveillance work in workers comp and disability are growing so fast right now (and they’re a lot of fun). I wish you luck as you go in that direction. You’ll never have a slow business period again.

  2. While we were in NYC, there was a local news story about how someone was fined (heavily) for flying a drone too close to the Status of Liberty. So the authorities still seem to be monitoring them closely. I agree, though, private use of drones for surveillance and other purposes is coming (if it isn’t already here), and anyone who feels that they own the airspace over their property may be in for a big surprise.

    • Deb,

      Agreed. I was aware of ‘the flying people’ stunt, and the statue of liberty. There’s no question that was done for a commercial purpose (blockbuster movie promotion) along with flying next to a national landmark. Glad to hear they were fined for that little stunt.

      The authorities (FAA) are monitoring Drone use heavily. That said, the lid appears to be coming off the pressure cooker and they are loosing control of the situation. More and more aerial photography services (along with those interested in subcontracting to LE and for investigative work) are blatently defying the FAA ruling. In fact, they’ve gotten big in Los Angeles county with realtors. Quadcopters and other remote control aerial platforms are all the rage with realtors looking to showcase homes from a new approach. So far the FAA has appeared quite reluctant to do much about it. Truth be told, if they go against an organization with deep pockets and good attorneys they may loose their carpet blanche self-proclaimed jurisdiction on anything and everything airborne… from 5 feet up to 50,000 feet up. Hard to see how a realtor flying something fifty feet off the ground, weighing approximately two lbs, and filming a mansion on 4 acresa is a threat to national airspace, but that is their arguement.

      Profit starved industries will wind up clashing with the feds on this situation, I assure you.

      Bottom line: The topic will grow in interesting controversy. Probably not surprising to you that I’m in the middle of things…


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