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PI finds 30-30 shell casings at Caldwell Fields Murder Site.

April 23, 2012

Private Investigators think outside the box… that’s how we survive.

Most PI’s tend to have a variety of interests, and  BulldogPI  is no exception.  Two of my favorite past times are:

 Metal Detecting &  Catching dirtballs.

I’m out of patience  and seeking answers.  So on  the morning of Friday, April 20th,  I paid an overdue visit to Caldwell Fields.

After unloading my metal detector, camera, and shovels from the car,  I began scanning over the murder site.   Twenty minutes later, old BulldogPI  found what he was looking for:

Bullet casings.







In the area surrounding where Metzler had parked his Toyota Camry the afternoon of  Augst 26, 2009 I found them, approximately three to four inches down.

So what Bulldog?  Jefferson National Forest is quite popular during hunting season.

True.  I would argue however based on the condition of the casings (between two and five years old) and more importantly their caliber and location, one might want to pay a bit more attention.

These are bullet casings from a 30-30 rifle.  the very same weapon used to murder Virginia Tech students, David Metzler and Heidi Childs.  Detective Rakes from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office was notified at the time of their retrieval and expressed an interest.  I will turn over the fired shells to a deputy shortly.

One step closer.  Be patient Dirtball…  I’m coming

  1. JMF permalink

    Due diligence Dog, due diligence. The bad guys always fail to realize, we always get our man, and a cold case heats up with a little attention to detail, and never quitting till the case file is closed.

    Nice job flat foot..

  2. Equalizer76 permalink

    Job well done. Keep up the good works and find who ever murdered the kids.

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