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BulldogPI response to article: 5 Major Challenges Private Investigators Are Currently Facing

April 28, 2012

From the article:

“Many challenges present themselves to private investigators daily but some are part of the job and some are an outcome of the current economic and professional atmosphere.”

Item #1:

Large investigation firms:
Large investigation firms are popping up in states with no license requirement and offering their services to individuals across the country. This practice can create an environment where clients are not getting the best services, and it is causing many local investigators to lose work.”

This is certainly not news to the Bulldog.  In fact, it’s about time PINOW addressed the issue.  Is it such a surprise large investigation corporations  are not the most efficient way for clients to find answers?    Unfortunately fewer and fewer people have a proactive mindset.  The growing trend is to follow the path of least resistance, not research effective options.

In case my readership hasn’t figured out, this ‘Namby Pamby’ approach doesn’t set well with the BulldogPI. 

PINOW article, Item #2:

Government regulations:
Government regulations that affect investigators, such as audio and video surveillance laws, have a large effect on how investigators work. Some investigators believe stricture regulations and laws prevent them from conducting investigations efficiently and completing their jobs properly and quickly…”

I find the whole situation saturated with bitter Irony.   Here in Virginia, the topic of  private investators utilizing GPS devices remains a hot one with lawmakers determined to end the practice.  Meanwhile,   we can’t even get DCJS to effectively enforce regulations already in place.     ‘Outlaw investigators’  continue to appear on the scene,  way too few are actually ever penalized.

My profession  has fallen into ‘hard times’  for many reasons.  I’ve noticed that attorneys, generally speaking, view PI’s as competition for billable hours, versus an effective resource.  I guess they plan on obtaining evidence through some sort of osmosis…   or perhaps court  is now more about posturing and good theatre.    Many insurance (not to mention telecommunications) have taken  short sighted viewpoints of ‘acceptable  losses’ stemming from fraudulent claims and/or theft.  Why should they care after all?  Those expenses are just transferred on to their customers for the most part, who remain in blissfull ignorance.

As CEO of Bulldog Investigations, last month I made a major decision.  We are shifitng gears from the realm of ‘general practicioners’ to  highly trained ‘specialists’ of the industry.   The new game plan is a very risky move, but the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows…  and Ive got some stuff left in the basement.   After all, did you expect  less from yours truly?


  1. David Ferraro permalink

    If you want results, you need to call Bulldog PI. Trust me, they were instrumental in winning my custody case.

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