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AEP Customers: Gee I wonder why you’re loosing power?

July 1, 2012

It’s probably no surprise that the BulldogPI is fairly self sufficient.  Having a well maintained generator and enough fuel to run it intermittently for a week just makes sense to me.  That said, it really ticks me off that corporate America has begun to view quality customer service as an un-necessary expense.     Today more and more companies (not to mention politicians)  just point the finger in someone else’s direction following a preventable tragedy while simultaneously bombarding the public with pr campaigns professing how they’re  in our corner .    Welcome to the new American mindset:  rake in profits and pass the blame….

Yesterday  unusually hot weather resulted in hurricane force winds sweeping across Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio as evening hours approached.  I’ve heard estimates as high as 60% of AEP’s customers lost power in this region as a result of the storms.  That’s not quite how I see things however….

Image  Image

AEP’s been warned about this particular tree on a number of occasions for the past three years.  I know this because I’m the one who reported it.  Following a heavy rain last year, you could actually hear the leaves sizzling in the powerlines.  The Narrows volunteer fire department arrived on the scene and again AEP was contacted.  No action was taken by the power conglomerate however,  and the high voltage power lines are now totally engulfed  by limbs.   Another good windstorm and half the town could loose electricity from this one troublespot.

So much for the philosphy of addressing a problem before it gets out of hand.

Moral of the story:  Don’t expect the system to take care of you and yours.  Address potential problems before they occur or you risk being left in the dark.


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