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Vicky Triponey, the BulldogPI salutes you

July 16, 2012

Snippets from the CNN article:

She was told she was too aggressive, too confrontational, that she wasn’t fitting in with “the Penn State way.”

Looking back, she says, “I was putting my neck out and taking a stand, but there weren’t many people with me.”

When it all fell apart, Triponey felt completely alone

I know Paterno has so much power that if he had wanted to get rid of someone, I would have been gone,” one janitor told investigators. “Football runs this university.”

Edsall, her former colleague at UConn, says Triponey stands in contrast to the other officials at Penn State and the choices they made. “She lost her job, but she never lost her principles, her values or her morals,” he said.

She took a stand for what she believed in, Edsall said, but the leadership at Penn State didn’t want to change.

BulldogPI’s  response:

I guess we all have our own definition of what makes someone a hero.  Mine is s person who takes a stand because someone needs to.  Generally speaking, they find themselves  alone, chastised, and unpopular.

He (or she)  stand up anyway… and push back against the elephant.

A client recently hugged and thanked me for ‘everything I had done’ to help them get their loved one back.  Fighting back tears I responded that I really hadn’t done all that much…. “we had either gotten very lucky or were helped by a higher power.”

The woman looked at me and disagreed:  “Yes you did.  The way you helped most was reminding us that we have rights, and to never…ever give up.

We all have our strengths… we all have our weaknesses.   My own greatest strength is the ability to hold on with  fierce tenacity… to stay the course.  It is also sometimes my greatest obstacle.

About seven years ago I went through the most painful experience of my life.  During that traumatic event I learned something.  There is indeed a time to relax one’s grip.  That time comes when the decision to stay the course hurts others beyond any postive outcome.  Perhaps Penn State administration should of learned that lesson years ago with Sandusky.  Instead it decided to protect it’s cash cow: the football program.

Vicky Triponey however was different.  She may not of known the evil transpiring within the locker rooms, but she saw the lengths that Penn State would go to protect its celebrities.  I’m sure the temptation came up more then once to back off and go silent.  Instead, she kept to her guns, fought for what she knew was right.

I’m about to embark on a new case.  This investigation is of the type that I’ve waited for since the beginning… it also really scares me.

On this one I either make a huge difference or don’t.

I’m going up against a powerful adversary.  The picture unfolding before me reveals a truly evil person, possibly a socialpath.  This man seems to truly enjoy hurting people.   What I don’t know (yet) is how deep the rabbit hole goes. How many people have suffered at his hand?

It was kind of hard to sleep last night.

BulldogPI a hero?  Nah… I just don’t like dirtballs very much.

Please God, help me find a way to stop the suffering.


Stay the course…..


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