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100k of Copper stolen from Blacksburg facility. Inside job?

January 17, 2013

Date of Theft  Occurrence:1/15/2013

Location: BLACKSBURG, VA 24060 US


51 Rolls of Copper wiring (20 rolls of #10 and 31 rolls of #12 gauge)each roll had approximately 2500′ of wire, 20′ lengths of copper tubing from 1/2″ – 3″ OD (approximately 1700 pieces), 14 rolls of 12.2 x 12.3 high and low voltage copper wire.

BulldogPI’s response:  Quite frankly, I don’t see this happening without help from an employee.  (IE: An ‘inside’ job)

I also don’t see the police able to solve a well thoughtout heist of this nature.  I doubt that anyone who knows anything will willingly talk to them, or that a routine inquiry at local scrapyards will result in worthwhile leads, but time will tell.

A heist of this type SCREAMS hire a private investigator to me, but it’s more likely that the company will merely file a claim with their insurance company and chalk it up as a cost of doing business.

Reported Value:  100,000

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