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About “the Bulldog PI”

An attorney once jokingly referred to me as ” Bulldog PI” to his assistant.   They were speaking privately, but I happened to overhear him while  sitting in the next room.  It didn’t offend me.  The comment struck me as a compliment.     Bulldog persistent is perhaps the best way to describe me.

Why the nickname? 

 The attorney had hired me for  an unusually difficult service of process assignment. The finer details as to why are confidential, but the recipient was a crucial witness.  After wading through a trail of four temporary residences, “Bulldog P.I.”  successfully located the homeless man departing a friends apartment.  The subpeona was delivered in a stairway.   Locating him had become a personal challenge.  What was initially a routine task somehow helped me achieve a sense of self-awareness. 

Since those early beginnings, one thing has led to another.   Now at the helm of Bulldog Investigations and Security LLC,  “Bulldog persistance” is my key philosophy to working cases.  Years of experience with Internet research provide an ace in the hole:  if something resides out there in cyberspace, I’ll find it.

I am the Bulldog:   a bit rough around the edges, and a man of strong convictions.  Popularity contests are not my forte, but when you have a question that’s difficult to answer… a problem hard to solve…  you need someone determined on your side.

  When  on the case, I latch on and refuse to let go.  

James Pollock,  Bulldog P.I, is an active member in five professional organizations:

  1. PIAVA (Private Investigators Association of Virginia)
  2. PISA (Private Investigator and Security Association of Virginia)
  3. NAPPS (the National Association of Professional Process Servers)
  4. AUVSI (the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International)
  5. VSCA  (Virginia State Claims Association)
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